Data Privacy Statement for contact persons at Customers and Suppliers

ELH takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. We handle your personal data in a confidential manner at all times and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations. Consequently we would like to inform you at this juncture why we collect, use and process certain data from you and what rights you have as a result thereof.

Responsible body

The responsible body for the processing of your personal data is

ELH – Eisenbahnlaufwerke Halle GmbH&CO.KG
Hans-Dietrich-Genscher-Strasse 34
06188 Landsberg, OT Queis

Tel: +49 34602 551-0
E-mail: information(at)

Data Protection Officer

We have appointed a data protection officer for our company:

Dr. Andreas Melzer
Certified data protection officer (DEKRA)

Tel: +49 34602 9991-22

Purposes and legal basis of data processing

  1. You have been named or have named yourself as a contact for handling a customer or supplier relationship between your firm and us or your firm has approached us with you as a contact person as a potential supplier/customer for our company or our products. Therefore we collect, use and process the following data from you as our contact person: surname and given name, the firm you work for and the firm’s address as well as a rule two contact options in your firm (e.g. telephone number and e-mail address).
    This data is necessary for preparing and fulfilling contractual arrangements as well as for establishing and maintaining business communication, to which the sending of, for example, "Customer satisfaction questionnaires" belongs and may therefore be processed. The basis for data processing is Article 6 Para 1b GDPR, which allows personal data to be processed for the fulfilment of a contract or pre-contractual measures. It is not possible to set up a contractual relationship without the above data.
    If you do not wish to have questionnaires etc. sent to you, you may make use of your right to raise an objection and send this to us by e-mail or post without having to use specific forms to do so. The use of your data prior to your objection being lodged shall not become illegal as a result of your objection. 

  2. You can still grant us your voluntary consent for us to collect, use and process the following data: salutation, title, department and other contact options. This data only serves to simplify communications between us to improve the arrangements for communication.
    The basis for data processing is Article 6 Para 1a GDPR, which permits data to be processed if your consent has been obtained. This consent may be modified or partially or completely revoked by you with effect for the future at any time without you having to state any reasons. All you need to do is to notify us by e-mail or post of your intention without having to send us a specific form. The data processing carried out prior to revocation shall not be affected by revocation.
    Should you decide not to grant us your consent or revoke consent already granted, this will not have any consequences at all for existing contracts or those materialising in the future, other business contacts or such like.

Intended duration of storage

We save the data named under (1) for as long as the business contacts between us and your firm are maintained, which includes in particular the existence of a contract or pre-contractual measures. Should there not be a contract at a given point in time or should the term of a contract come to an end, your data shall be deleted from our customer database one year after business contacts between your firm and us have ceased.

We store  the data named under (2) together with the data from (1) for as long as the business contacts between us and your firm are maintained, or for a maximum period of one year from the last business contact. If you make use of your right of revocation during this period of time, this data will be deleted or destroyed straightaway following the receipt of your revocation.

In addition to this, we shall be obliged in line with statutory regulations currently in force to keep some data ready for use for a longer period of time. This period of time is a maximum of ten years. After the statutory retention periods have expired, all data we still hold will be deleted or destroyed straightaway.  

Forwarding of data to third parties

In the course of processing your orders placed with us, we send the following data to our suppliers, manufacturers or distributors based in Germany, other countries within Europe or  the European Economic Area: name, company address and company contact details.

Under certain circumstances we shall have to disclose your data to the relevant entitled bodies in the course of fulfilling our statutory obligations.

There are no other cases in which your data will be sent out to third parties and we have no plans to do so either. 

Your rights

In line with the statutory regulations currently in force you are entitled to be given information free of charge about your personal data we have saved, where we obtained it from and recipient and the purpose for which it is being processed, and if applicable, you are entitled to have your data corrected, blocked or deleted. You may contact us at any time at the address given about this and other questions you may have concerning your personal data. You have the right to have the data which we process on an automated basis on the basis of your consent, or in the fulfilment of a contract, sent to you, or to a third party in a common machine-readable format. If you request that we sent the data directly to another responsible body, we shall only do so if it is technically feasible.

In the event that breaches of data protection law are committed, you will be entitled to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authorities responsible for matters pertaining to data protection law where you live or work. You can find a list of the supervisory bodies plus their contact details through the following link: