Y31 and Y33 - Wide range of applications and low main bolster

The bogie Y 31 is part of the bogie family Y25. Developed for use in particular with wagons for combined freight transport, this type has the same wheelbase as the Y25 but generally features wheelsets with a smaller tread diameter and a cross member with a low main bolster. (or reduced contact hight)

The bogie Y33 is part of the bogie family Y25. Developed for use in special vehicles, including those for combined freight transport, it has a 2 m longer wheelbase than the Y25. This ensures smoother running at higher travel speeds despite identical drive design. The Y33 covers a wide range of operational boundary conditions with regard to tread diameter, axle load and car contact height.


axle load: 18 t
wheel diameter: 760 mm
disc brake



axle load: 25 t
wheel diameter
UK admission


Y33Lsi-Fsp-265 kW

axle load: 22.5 t
electric motor
spring aplied parking brake



axle load: 14 t
max. speed: 140 km/h
wheel diameter: 730 mm