Background Eisenbahnlaufwerke Halle GmbH & Co. KG


On the 24,000 m² company area and 8,600 m² production, social and office area actually liable bogies for railway customers worldwide will be manufactured by using most modern technologies.



Further extension of our production site of additional 1,600 m2 to a total production area of 7,700 m2. As of today more than 25,000 bogies have been manufactured.



A shareholding of 70 per cent in the company was acquired by Swiss-based G&S Railinvestments.



The production capacity was increased to 3,000 bogies per year. 



First addition to our production site of about 1,500 m2.



To begin with the volume of production used to be approx. 1,000 bogies per year.



Michael Schnaufer created ELH Eisenbahnlaufwerke Halle GmbH & Co. KG in May 1998.


ELH emerged from the repair and maintenance works of the Deutsche Bahn AG in Halle/Saale. During ELH's establishment 43 members of staff have been taken over and as of today 36 are still employed at ELH.