Y31 Lssi(f)-K-D

The bogie Y31 Lssi(f)-K-D is a variant of the standard railway wagon bogie Y31.


It features an especially low main cross beam and has very restricted outer dimensions. Due to the integrated pneumatic generated braking force it is ideal for vehicles of the combined cargo use (KLV), with their particular high demands on the available load-profile. 


Due to the installation of a brake disc unit the braking equipment has been enhanced to such an extent, that the brake behaviour at maximum speed of 120 km/h is even at 18 t axle load possible, the thermic stability on long slopes is also guaranteed. 


The development of this bogie took place at ELH in close cooperation with the wagon operator, Hupac Intermodal s.a.; the producer of the MEGA II-Wagons, Ferriere Cattaneo s.a.; the producer of the brake components DAKO Tremosnice s.a.; the brake disc producer, Kovis S.A. and others. 


Innovative solutions for the brake discs, the friction pads and the suspension for the brake disc unit have been developed. All brake actuators are standard parts. The assembling of a bogie mounted parking brake is possible. 


Manufacturing at ELH is carried out based on our own set of drawings. 



Axle load18t
Maximum speed   
  Running behaviour 120km/h
  Break behaviour  
    up to 18 t 120km/h
Wheel base1800mm
Wheel diameter760mm
Basic version4500kg