At home on all railway networks! - Thanks to quality management and innovation

By means of continuous new developments as well as customer and application specific solutions ELH today presents itself as a potential supplier of all renowned national an international railway companies and wagon manufacturers with a varied product range.


This is based on a consistent quality management system, the careful evaluation of the longstanding experience of the operators as well as the recognition of market requirements and trends in due time.


Approximately three percent of the annual turnover are invested into our own new development every year. For this purpose, the head of the development department and four further engineers have state-of-the-art 3D-CAD workstations at their disposal and with the help of the FE-method we can carry out our own stability calculations.


In addition to that, ELH cooperates with collages and universities as well as with external engineering consultancies. Approval tests are carried out by independent inspection agencies.


ELH holds the welding license as per DIN 15085-2 which is required for welding on railway vehicles. The quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 ensures efficient process control and a high degree of customer satisfaction.


In the future the ELH team will also tackle development tasks in the field innovative bogies:


  • a technology which goes easy on the tracks
  • new traffic systems
  • new freight units and dimensions
  • higher wheels-set loads and masses
  • overcoming system barriers
  • further development of the change-of-gauge technology
  • low-noise bogies (Low-Noise-technology)